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An Impact With Brian Dawkins

We are die hard Philadelphia Eagles fans. Our favorite player is one who embodies everything the passionate fans and city represent. That player is Pro Football Hall of Famer, Brian Dawkins!

We never thought that one day we'd end up helping Weapon X spread his message of hope and healing to communities in need. There are millions of young people who have experienced hardship and unrealized potential, but are still open to seeing bigger possibilities for their lives. The Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation was created in 2019 with a belief in the power of transformative moments to trigger a spark in young people, young people who have the desire to make positive decisions in life and just need the tools to make it happen.

One initiative of the Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation is the Single Parent Families Program. It provides low-income single parents in Philadelphia (additional cities to come) with nominal grants to support them in accessing further enrichment opportunities for their children. Whether academic, athletic, artistic, vocational, related to mental well being or in support of future education or employment prospects, the goal is to help them provide additional resources that might otherwise be out of reach and to break free of generational cycles of immobility and poverty.

FireRock also put together a championship-caliber team to cover the Brian Dawkins Driving Impact Celebrity Golf Tournament.

This charity classic tournament allows the Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation to involve and reach out to celebrities, supporters and community sponsors in a fun and engaging way, while also spreading the word about the incredible support that the foundation provides.

Creating powerful marketing tools to help drive the Brian Dawkins Impact Foundation's mission forward is as fulfilling as it is exciting for us star-struck fans. It was truly a dream project!

No... thank YOU for working with us, Mr. Dawkins. The opportunity to collaborate this past summer was incredible!


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