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FireRock Receives Excellence in Business Award!

Our SECRET is OUT! Our videos are a result of truly comfortable and meaningful relationships. Yes, that's what FireRock Productions boils down to, and on 6/18/2014, we were overwhelmed to be recognized for it! The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber's Excellence in Business Awards are presented to companies and individuals which exemplify excellence in business, supported by their mission statement, chamber and community involvement, customer satisfaction, and their demonstrated commitment to quality, leadership, marketing, training, and development.

When FireRock joined the Lehigh Valley Chamber, we were just a couple of kids...
When FireRock joined the Lehigh Valley Chamber, we were just a couple of kids...
Behind the Scenes of FireRock's Excellence in Business Award Acceptance Video
Behind the Scenes of FireRock's Acceptance Video

Thank you, Anne Baum of Capital BlueCross and Jill Hewes of MKSD architects, for nominating us for this huge honor. Thank you, Marlyn Kissner of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber and Carol Ritter and Laurel Mikovits of Caroltalks, for being real examples for us in the business community every day. Thank you, Scott Babashak and Liz Keptner, for always guiding us with your expertise in the industry. Thank you, Murtaza Jaffer of Express Business Center, for being the first to make networking easier. Thank you, Chuck Gloman of DeSales University, for continuing to teach us well after graduation. All of you have offered so much without expecting anything in return. Most importantly, thank you all for your friendship! Thanks always to our parents for the best example of relationships, constant support and infinite love!

In five short years, our business relationships and friendships have grown and multiplied. After much self-evaluation and consideration, we now understand it's because we genuinely care about not only the final video product, but the group or individual with whom we're working, as well. We are so grateful for everyone we have met along the way, even those from whom we learned what NOT to do; and especially the group with whom we are presently collaborating to bring together our new project:

FireRock & the rest of the crew! (Rocky Urich, Sanda Solimon, Liz Keptner, Julia Urich, Paul Luongo, Mike McDermott, Noel Clark, & Ian Riccaboni) New Project Coming Soon!
FireRock & the rest of the Crew! New project coming soon!!
The Kid Versions of FireRock Filming at West Side Hammer Electric
Kid Versions of FireRock at West Side Hammer Electric

Yes, there have been scenarios in which we were asked to “throw something together” or to keep a project “down and dirty, basic.” We've never done it and we don't plan to anytime soon. We understand the power of video and believe even the most basic, internal communication piece is representative of a business or individual.

Video is a truly powerful tool; a weapon which, when wielded with care and precision, can shape an opinion, perspective, brand, or message. It can either tarnish or bolster a reputation. We recognize the significance of every decision we make in every video we produce. We literally have the power to change the way a subject is viewed, and we neither disrespect that power, nor take it for granted. Rather, we are honored to be trusted with it.

We have always made it our mission to continue to improve our community; to raise the bar for video production in Lehigh Valley because we believe that the region, our home, deserves the best. There are wonderful businesses and people here who deserve to have a strong, prosperous economy in which to work, live and play. After every production, we ask ourselves, “have we done our best?” As long as we can answer “yes” to that question, we know we can be confident that we are continually improving and doing the utmost to help our community and clients move forward.

Rocky & Julia Urich of FireRock Receiving the Excellence in Business Award
Rocky & Julia receive Excellence in Business Award

This philosophy has become our reputation, and our reputation has become our number-one marketing tool. Our client, colleague and friend, Scott Babashak of GF Pension Corporation says about FireRock, “Great companies are successful based on their ability to deliver a quality product and display extreme professionalism. But FireRock adds two other elements that are crucial to sustained success and honor within the community. Those two things are honesty and integrity. I’ve known that their trophy shelf would fill up quickly, but I think they would be just as proud to know that they were recognized for something beyond their finished product; the recognition that they care about their community and their clients and work hard to make sure people get that message. FireRock is fast becoming not just a leading production company, but also an organization recognized for the message they project, not just the messages they produce for the screen.”

The following video was part of our acceptance of this prestigious award, which we were (and still are) so honored to have received at Blue Grille House in Bethlehem.



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