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We filmed our next 30-minute broadcast special of Lehigh Valley TV at Corked in Bethlehem! Thanks for the hospitality and the fantastic food! This episode airs Thursday, March 31 at 6pm on RCN TV!

FireRock (Rocky Urich, Hillary Carrigan, Carlo Acerra, & Julia Urich) with Hosts, Liz Keptner & Paul Luongo
FireRock Productions with Hosts, Liz Keptner & Paul Luongo

Lehigh Valley TV's Broadcast Specials are 30-minute programs consisting of the newest entertaining and engaging content from, airing monthly on RCN4.

Check your TV's guide for Lehigh Valley TV Broadcast Specials!
Check your TV's guide for Lehigh Valley TV!

Our hosts, Liz Keptner and Paul Luongo, lead you through each episode, and guest hosts will shuffle on screen to surprise you and showcase the region, as well.

It's time for Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania's people, places, food, fun, and history to be seen, heard, and felt across the globe!

Lehigh Valley TV captures the energy and essence of local businesses, non-profits, communities, attractions, arts, restaurants, volunteerism, and the social scene through cinematic and captivating storytelling. Laugh, cry, and be inspired with us! Featuring Emmy® Award-winning content created by FireRock Productions, Lehigh Valley TV raises the bar with exceptional production, bringing you entertaining and engaging content that will change the way everybody views local TV!

Entertaining, Engaging, EVERYTHING Lehigh Valley!



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